What's New in Version 5 of the PM Coordinator Software System

Major Enhancements
  • Upgrade the database engine used throughout the program to use newer versions of Microsoft Access and the ADO technology. This required re-writing a big majority of the code. While we were at it we redesign much of the program to enhance its performance while using this newer technology.
  • Improved the graphical interface with new tool bars, added graphics to menus and tabs, and new support for different visual themes. Depending on your operating system, selectable themes include Default theme, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007. 
  Other Enhancements  
  • Made the built-in Word Processor available as a stand alone feature. This power word processor has limited Microsoft Word support, multiple formatting options, the use of tables and a lot more
  • Added notes documents to both the Equipment and Mechanics modules. These notes use the same word processor as just outlined.
  • We improved our built in text editor and made it available to more areas of the application.
  • Added documents links to the Documents Feature. Documents can be linked, be images or use the internal word processor. Link documents can be CAD drawings, Images, or almost any kind of file that can be opened with the Windows’ Run option. Added links or attachments to Scheduler work orders too. This way you can now add links to CAD drawing, files and more for use with your work order documents
  • Now assign default safety instructions to equipment. This way as new work orders are created, they are automatically assigned these instructions
  • The Equipment module now supports the import and export of Equipment Meter collections to and from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Added the Import/Export module. This feature makes it much easier to import or export data to and from our application. Import / Export options include Microsoft Access databases and Excel Files.
  • Increased the 'Every XXX' criteria field to except numbers of over 2 billion. (5.0.8)
  • Mini-PM, Change Over and the three Safety Related Work Order types' titles are now user definable. (5.1.0)
  • And more.