Bulleted Features List

The following is a bulleted list of features of our PM Coordinator software system. This list is meant to point out many of the features of this system, but is by no means a complete list.   

  Maintenance Scheduler Module  
  • Auto generation of recurring Work Orders and PMs
  • Easy setup of recurring tasks
  • Set work orders as 1 of 7 types (5 are user definable)
  • Uses classification assignments
  • Build in Creation Wizard for easy setups
  • Reusable task instructions
  • Reusable safety instructions
  • Save Summaries to Equipment History Log
  • Built in Instructions Editor
  • Assign Resources
  • Notification of overdue work orders
  Work Orders Module  
  • Very user friendly
  • Great for the creation of work order requests
  • Setup 4 different types, 3 are user definable.
  • Reusable and selectable Safety Instructions
  • Save copy to Equipment History Log
  • Use classification assignments
  • Make assignments
  • Track Completion
  Equipment and Machinery Module  
  • Maintain General Information
  • Maintain Asset information
  • Calculate asset depreciation
  • Maintain a picture of your asset
  • Maintain warranty information
  • Maintains Equipment Service Histories
  • Auto history entries from Scheduler or Work Orders
  • Make manual entries to history database
  Mechanics and Employees Module  
  • Maintain general information  
  • Maintain emergency contact information  
  • Maintain a picture of employee
  • Primary use is for Mechanics to Work Orders
  Documents Module  
  • Maintain Text or Pictures documents
  • Build in, Feature rich word processor
  • Microsoft Word support
  • Maintains numerous documents sorted by groups
  • Support for tables, bullets, and much more
  • Each module contains its own set of reports
  • Contains build in reports
  • Report wizards for custom reporting
  • Report Preview screens  
  • Export reports to PDF, Word, RTF, HTML and others
  Other Features  
  • Uses a powerful Microsoft Access Database
  • 100 % upgradeable to the Maintenance Coordinator Series
  • 250,000 + word spell checking
  • Very easy to use and learn
  • Very low, competitive pricing
  • Office compatible, but no Office products needed
  • Network, Unlimited users, site licenses available