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With the Contacts and Vendors module you can keep track of all your business contacts. These can include vendors, suppliers, co-workers or just general contacts. As you are more than likely aware contact information can be extremely valuable in conducting everyday business.

One of the unique features of this module is its use of contact groups. Contact groups allow you to group like contacts for easy lookup and reporting purposes. Each contact within the database should be assigned to a group, specifying the services or products they supply. Each contact can be assigned to a countless number of groups, allowing for an almost unlimited cross-referencing setup. Locating a contact later that's been assigned to a group should be a snap.

  • Maintain general information
  • Use unlimited grouping for easy lookup
  • Link an unlimited number of records
  • Attach an unlimited amount of external documents and files.
  • Open vendor's web site with a single click
  • Attach detailed notes to each record
  • Maintain countless other word processor type documents
  • Unlimited Alternate Contacts
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields
  • And more