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The Properties Management module was designed for two main audiences. One is for those that may manage various properties, and with these properties manage associated work orders, manage assets and track inventory for these locations. The others are for those that may only have one location to manage, but would still like to manage location inventory, contact information as it may apply to insurance companies, fire protection equipment, and other related items.

The inventory tracked by this module differs from the Parts and Inventory module, as it relates to assets and furnishing of a location, or even an apartment or room. The Tree Records part of this module supports the contact tracking feature where you can create an almost endless grouping of items as found in tree controls.

Key elements of this module include:
• General Property information – Address, location and main contact.
• Attached RTF Notes.
• Property Driving Directions.
• Unlimited Special User Defined field groups.
• View Assigned Assets and their work orders.
• Inventory database of items that can be grouped by classifications, rooms and more.
• Tree Records database that groups items in in a tree view, and also supports attachments.