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One thing I’m sure any maintenance department could use is a database full of Troubleshooting procedures. With the Maintenance Coordinator’s Procedures and Solutions module we allow you to actually do this. With this module you can begin building a complete database full of useful procedures. In this way as mechanics learn techniques on a machine they can go to this module and enter that information. As other mechanics work on the same machines they turn to this module and look up these procedures for their own personal use.

This module makes use of our built in, and powerful word processor engine. This word processor was actually supplied to us by a third party vendor and contains numerous professional features. Some of these include Word support, table support, bullet support, spell checking, and more. You can also link to external documents such as PDF files, CAD drawings, and almost any kind of file.

  • Maintain a database of procedures.
  • Great for on-the-job training.
  • Use a very powerful word processor.
  • Supports links to external documents.
  • And more.