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This is the heart of any Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS/EAM). This module is so extensive that we based our PM Coordinator application after it.

With the Maintenance Scheduler module you can create planned maintenance type tasks as well as standard work orders. To help ease the creation process the program utilizes a Work Orders Creation Wizard that will step you through the creation process. Once a recurring task is setup the program will create new work orders for you automatically, and without any further user intervention. With the Generate function you can generate and print a date range of tasks at once, say a week's worth of work orders for an example.

With the included Auto Work Order Emailer module new work orders can be automatically emailed to the people responsible for their completion as they become due. These work orders show up in the mechanic's inbox as either a PDF or RTF type files, and is a copy of the actual work order.

Details about completed work orders can be saved to equipment history logs, thereby allowing you to maintain this very important information. You can also track labor costs, materials used, and more on a per work order basis. This module also supports the use of Classification Assignments. Classifications Assignments makes for a very powerful tool that allows the grouping of work orders by such things as production lines, clients, properties, or whatever works best for your organization. Classifications also shine in the creation of reports.

Most of the built in reports found in this and other modules use report wizards. Report Wizards allow for the creation of reports using customized criteria.  Some of the Maintenance Scheduler's included reports are the Work Orders Report Wizard, Work Orders Costs Wizard, Down Time Report Wizard, Work Order Parts Inventory Report and others. Reports can be exported as PDF documents, HTML, RTF and other popular formats.

The Task Planner View screen allows you to view a month of work orders at one time. These work orders are color coded for easy reference, be rescheduled from within this screen, and this schedule can also be printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also view and edit work orders in a Calendar view which behaves a lot like Outlook.

  • Includes both Work Order Creation and Completion Wizards.
  • Reusable Task and Safety Instructions.
  • Customize Work Order Appearances
  • Assign work to contractors.
  • Supports 12 different Work Order types (10 are user definable).
  • Supports Contactor Types and Assignments
  • Built-in Report Wizards.
  • Auto generation of recurring work orders.
  • Repair Codes that also support Predictive Maintenance Reports.
  • Schedule by Meter, Mileage and Time.
  • Email Work Orders with Built-in Email Composer.
  • Assign tasks to classifications, locations, properties, accounts and projects.
  • Track costs through materials, labor, contractors and more.
  • Month View Planner for printing and scheduling.
  • PM Groups for joining groups of tasks together for scheduling. 
  • Assign multiple resources and materials needed and used.
  • Save completed tasks to Equipment History logs.
  • Create and perform completion audits (helps in complying to FDA guidelines).
  • Attach unlimited external files and documents to work orders
  • Assign an unlimited amount of assets to a single work oders.
  • Assign an unlimited amount of task instruction to a single PM.
  • Work Order Budgeting.
  • Projected Costs Reports.
  • Work Orders Completion Analysis Report.
  • Work Order Parts Inventory Report.
  • Auto Work Orders completion email notices.
  • Mechanics Time Tracking.
  • And more.