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The Reports and Graphics module allows you to create your own ad-hoc reports from Microsoft Access databases, allows you to create some outstanding charts and graphs, and allows you to maintain a countless number of other documents.

The Spreadsheet Report Writer allows you to create your own reports. You select the database, you select the table or tables to use, and you select the fields to include. The program will then create your report. Now you have other options such as report colors, fonts to use and so on. Your finished report can then be saved, printed or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

The Snap Reports also allow you to create you won ad-hoc reports, and is bases on a word processor format. This report generator that we picked up from a thrid party has formatting features galore.

The Charts and Graphics section allows you to create some pretty impressive charts and graphs. These include both 2D and 3D styles. There are 14 available chart types in the 2D format, and 12 in the 3D type. This feature also employs a chart wizard to help in the selection and setting up of chart types, a built in grid to supply chart data, plus many formatting options on just about everything.

  • Create your own Ad-Hoc reports
  • Join tables within Reports
  • Create your own Charts and Graphs (also from report data).
  • Maintain numerous documents
  • Create your own documents with the built-in word processor.