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The Personal Manager module can be used by anyone on your team. With this module you can plan your tasks, schedule events in advance, and keep detailed logs of your activities. Each user in the system can be assigned their own individual database that will follow their individual log in.

This feature rich module is broken into even more modules or cells. With each cell providing its own unique functions. The first cell allows the user to plan and Schedule Activities on a daily/monthly bases. These activities can be either personal or business related.

The second cell is a To Do List, where you can record non-timed items to be done, and have these items sorted by priority. The third cell of the Personal Manager module is the Personal Log. This log allows you to break things down into categories for reporting and easy retrieval of information. This information can be grouped by personal items, equipment or business related type of items.

The next cell of the Personal Manager is the Daily Log. This log makes use of a word processor to allow you to record activities on a daily bases, while at the same time giving you a lot of formatting options. This word processor features a what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment that supports multiple fonts, special characters, tables and more.

Other options available to this module in the ability to create and track both Work Requests and Purchase Requisitions. The user has the ability to create and track these documents, but can not edit or delete them. A user is assigned to this module will  only see those documents belonging to them.

  • Day – Month Planner
  • To Do list
  • Personal Log
  • Daily Journal
  • Work Orders Requests and Tracking
  • Purchase Requisition creation and Tracking
  • Built-In Word Processor
  • And more