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With the Main Menu module you can branch to the other modules in the system, setup each user's access rights, create new databases, setup database paths, set main program settings and more. The program also allows the use of different database setups which you can switch between as easy as opening a file. This feature is ideal when you have information dealing with different locations or departments.

With the Access Rights feature you can setup which modules each individual user has access to. You can also assign users modification rights, reports rights, administrative rights, read only rights and a more on a per module bases. You can also change which module buttons are displayed on the menu, and which modules users can access.

  • Branch to other modules in the system.
  • Setup custom menus.
  • Assign users rights.
  • Open different sets of databases at startup
  • Create new databases.
  • Setup database rights and other program settings.
  • Activate password protection.